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XXIV International Coastal Conference
60th anniversary WG SC RAS
Organizing Committee
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On behalf of the «Sea Coasts» Working Group of the RAS Council on World Ocean and the Russian State Hydrometeorological University (RSHU), the Organizing Committee of the RSHU Branch in Tuapse, the Krasnodarskiy region would like to welcome you and your colleagues to the XXIV International Coastal Conference «Sea Coasts – Evolution, Ecology, Economy» devoted to the 60th anniversary of the “Sea Coasts” Working Group of RAS Council.



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Main topics of the Conference

- Hydro-, morpho- and lithodynamics of sea coasts and adjacent waters;

- Ecological sensitivity of coastal area: human-induced/anthropogenic pressure;

- Construction and exploitation of hydraulic engineering’s and dredging works in the coastal area;

- Approaches and questions of management and monitoring carrying of coastal area;

- Sustainable use of coastal resources: management practices and effective mechanisms;

- Education in coastal science.



Venue place and dates

The Conference will be take place on October 1-6, 2012 in Olginka town, the suburb of Tuapse town of Krasnodarsky region at the “Impuls” Resort Hotel on the coast of the Black Sea (30 minutes by car or public transport from Tuapse town).



Conference Organisation

The Conference desk will be open from 1st of October (evening) till 2nd of October (morning) in the “Impuls” Resort Hotel. Sessions will be realizing in Plenary sessions, Thematic sessions and a Poster session in corresponding to main topics of the Conference in period 2-4 of October. Visit to the coastal zone of the Krasnodarsky region with expected marine excursion will be organized by the Organizing Committee on the 5th of October.


 Preliminary Conference Programme



The official languages of the Conference are Russian and English.



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